Felt exhibition “WHITE”

AgniFELT participated in the joint exhibition of Estonian felt crafters, which was called “WHITE” and it was organised by the Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union. Fourteen felt crafters and textile artists participated in the exhibition and its curator was Liina Veskimägi-Iliste.

Time to fly away

Time to fly away

When I got the offer to participate in the exhibition, I immediately started gathering ideas. Since I live near the Matsalu National Park and me and my creations have always been inspired by nature, I decided to depict the migration of birds and the landscape of Matsalu on this tapestry. I used sheep and merino wool to achieve the uneven texture. The stones are marked by the excess material from felting process that has been placed between the wool. There are also lamb locks and linen fibre added, and the migratory birds are made from different fibres as well. I chose “Time to fly away” as the title for the work.

If you are interested in felting and dyeing with plants, you are welcome to read my other blog posts.

vilditud seinavaip

The author next to the work “Time to fly away” at the opening of the exhibition.