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What can you learn in the eco-printing workshop?

In the eco-printing workshop you can try out dyeing with both fresh and dried plants.

  1. In the workshop you will learn about different plants that can be used for eco-printing – these would be the plants that leave their colours on the fabric or paper in the most beautiful and intense way.
  2. You will get to know different techniques for eco-printing.
  3. You can try out eco-printing on different natural fabrics and also on paper.
  4. From the workshop you will leave with a lot of new knowledge and interesting handmade pieces (samplers) you can use later in many different ways.

Eco-printing workshops can be organised in different places, at different times and on different skill-levels. The number of participants and the price of the workshop can be agreed upon.

coloring with plants, plant printing, ecoprinting

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If you would like to join the workshop to add some new fun skills to your own skillset or you plan to organise eco-printing workshops and wish to invite me to teach a course – you can drop a message in the contact form on the right.