Merino wool products are exceptionally comfortable

Merino wool products
are exceptionally comfortable

women's scarves

Hi! I am Agni

When creating my works, I often draw inspiration from the nature. I have studied the extremely fascinating history of felting, but I prefer to use modern technology. When dyeing with plants, I use a technique called ecoprinting.

“I love nature and it is important to me that the dyeing process does not harm the environment, so I only use environmentally friendly means.”

What was the purpose for creating AgniFELT?

AgniFELT is here to bring joy to the type of customer, who is a smart consumer and also values comfort, smart design and sustainability. When creating the products, I use the ancient arts of felting and dyeing with plants, and I blend them with some modern techniques. My traditions and values have remained unchanged throughout time, and I have created my products with love and care to bring you a comfortable and long lasting design.


Authentic handicraft, made using as much local materials as possible


The products are of high quality, delivery time is short and a comprehensive maintenance manual is included


It is important to me to offer my customers the best service and products


The products are designed for a target audience that loves special clothing items


100% natural materials have been used when making the products

felting workshop


Come and discover the expressive world of felting and dyeing with plants



In my products I use merino wool, which is a versatile and excellent material

women's scarves


I apply ancient technology with a modern twist

wool scarf

“It is important to me that I do not have a harmful effect on nature when creating my art.”

Agni Laats, AgniFELT
wool scarf

An elegant fusion of ancient felting art and modern technologies.”

Agni Laats, AgniFELT

I look forward to receiving a letter from you!

If you love crafts and want to learn more about how to implement your ideas or to get some kind of product, then send me a message. I will gladly answer to any of your wishes, suggestions and questions.