Product care

Taking care of a woollen product

All of the wool products are made from natural materials. Machine wash can damage the product, therefore I recommend hand wash. In case there are more stubborn stains, try to use dry cleaning.

When hand washing the product, use warm water, up to 40°C and very delicate detergent or wool shampoo. Do not use bleach. Rinse the product until all of the detergent or shampoo is removed. Roll the product inside a towel and squeeze out the excess water.

For drying, place the product horisontally in a place where there is enough air movement. Do not tumble dry. When the product has dryed you can iron it, recommendably with steam. Before storing the product, make sure it is completely dry.

Iron the product at medium heat or using the wool program that is indicated on the iron. When ironing, always use steam.

Taking care of a silk scarf

You should only hand wash a silk scarf and do it in cool water with natural soap or shampoo. Machine washing can harm the product. Dry the scarf in a cool and airy place. Sun is not great for silk fabrics, because the ultraviolet light it will fade the colours of your scarf or make it yellow. For that reason try to dry your silk items in a shaded place. When the silk scarf has dried, you can iron it to make it look especially elegant and beautiful. If the silk scarf is still a bit damp, you can iron it straight away or you can dampen the scarf a little yourself. When the scarf is a little damp, it is much easier to remove wrinkles from the fabric. You can also use steam instead. The ironing temperature should be set to 150 °C.